Muslim salvations are on the increase!


We are going through dangerous hardships to provide safe harbor for the women and children living under the satanic conditions that we describe. Throughout the years we’ve brought a number of victims of abuse into our refuge houses that had particularly heartrend­ing stories.


Latifa’s Story: I am 43 years old. My husband is a fa­natic Muslim who works full time in the mosque where we live. He has worked there for many years. He always says that he is a faithful Muslim who will not change his Islamic faith for the world. He speaks in a way that ev­erybody thinks he is the most spiritual man on earth. 16 years ago he fell in love with my best friend that used to come and visit me. We were neighbors with my friend. After a while I saw very strange behavior from my hus­band and my friend. Soon I found out that my husband married my friend. The woman disconnected her rela­tionship with me since she was my husband’s second wife. That was a very sad situation. I hated my husband but could not divorce or do anything. I was afraid of him. The more popular he became in our town the more ag­gressive he became. He had started to beat me daily. I was in a great battle when I met Jesus through TOC team. One day I was in an emergency clinic. My hus­band had beaten me so much that I had nonstop bleed­ing. A woman who was there came to me and held my hand and asked what was happening. I spoke about my life and all my pains. She told me there is only one healer and truth in the world and that is Jesus Christ. I did not argue or asked any questions. Something in my heart was telling me to trust that woman. Her face was shining. The woman was an amazing woman not an ordinary one. I was so desperate that I just wanted to run away from all that darkness and evil spirits of reli­gion that had surrounded me. I went to a prayer meet­ing and gave my heart to Jesus. One day my husband saw the Bible I was given in that meeting. I had read the whole book and I was fascinated by Jesus. Jesus and His truth was the best thing that could happen to me. I knew that Jesus had saved me from that dark prison of Islam. You have no idea how dark that place is. The day my husband saw that Bible I knew that he would kill me. He tore the whole book and went upstairs to get his belt. He used to beat me with his belt when he became very angry. It was Jesus who gave me wisdom and strength during those short minutes that he went to get his belt. Before I used to stand there and wait for him to beat me, but this time I ran away from the house with no shoes and nothing in my hand. I went straight to one of TOC team workers. I knew my husband was looking all over town to find me but I had escaped. Shortly I was moved into a TOC refuge house and now I am safe here. Thank you TOC and all of you who support and pray for us; If not for you there are many in my situation that would be dead. 


June 2016 (2)


Saye writes: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shad­ow of death I will fear no evil; for you are with me….” Psalm 23:4

I know that we believers face challenges and hardships in life. But I know if I go through a valley I am not alone. God is with me. He is working for my good. And He is carrying me and women like me. I know that my chal­lenges and hardships in life did not come to stay with me forever. Even when I was in the midst of suffering my Lord had told me that they were to pass! Not to be afraid. I never allowed my sufferings to become the fo­cus of my life. I focused on victory and that helped me to walk through the valley of death. I have no bitterness in me toward my husband, his relatives and those who were after me to kill me. God was on my side and no weapon formed against me prospered. I held a spirit of expectancy toward God. I asked Him for the good things; for my healing, for my children who were under custody of my Muslim husband and God honored what I expected of Him.

Before I knew Jesus I was a fearful woman who could hardly stand for my rights. I even did not believe that I had any normal human right while living on earth. I was 15 years old when I got married. My husband was forty at that time. After one year of marriage I understood I was the third wife of my husband. He already had wives and children. I was like a toy for him. I suffered in every moment of living with him. I hated when the hours got closer to the time that he was to return home. I was humiliated in my life. And I became increasingly angrier when my parents always tried to convince me that he was a good husband that could support me. He pun­ished me if I did not listen to him or left the house without him. I never went out because I hated to be seen with him, but also shy to go out without him. Everywhere we went people thought he was my father. I was so scared when I became pregnant at age of 16. Several times I wanted to commit suicide. Many times I wanted to shout and tell everyone how much I hated my life. A few years ago I met a TOC team member who gave me a Bible. They gave me a DVD too but I told them there was no way that I could watch that film of Christ. I was offered to go to their place to see the Film. With so much difficulty I finally went to one single meeting in the woods. There I gave my heart to Jesus.

I never understood how my husband found out I was with Christians. If he had followed me why didn’t he en­ter the house I went in? But any how he was waiting for me in the yard when I got back. As soon as I opened the door and went into the house he grabbed my hair and started to beat me as if to kill me. He punched me so many times in my face that blood was all over my clothes and his. He kept saying I will kill you tonight and then he would hit me harder. He said the Islamic police would arrive shortly, but I want to punish you first before they take you away. He said I had to show the police the address of the house church meeting. But finally I es­caped through the door and into the street. He chased me and I hid in street doorway till he passed. That night was the last time I saw my husband. That night I ran longer and further than I could imagine. I called a TOC friend who came quickly to help me. I was given a se­cure place to hide for several weeks till I could be placed in a distant TOC refuge house. I never felt safer at any time of my life and my children have run away and joined me here. The atmosphere of the safe house is so peaceful that I can sleep like a baby. How can I describe that Islam is a dirty religion? I felt raped every time that my husband came at me. I hated his look and his smile. He was totally evil. After many years now I feel safe in the TOC refuge house. Everything is so clean, spiritual and peaceful here. I wish I could stay and live here for the rest of my life. Thank you TOC, you are the reason I am safe and can grow spiritually.

June 2016(2)




Mohammad A High Ranking Official from South of Iran: This particular day was a very busy day. I was tired and went to sleep early. I had heard about Muslims becoming Christian. In fact one of my best friends had become Christian and had given me a Bible. Because of my work I was afraid to read it. I hid the Bible in my closet and did not show it even to my wife and children. That Bible was given to me about 9-10 months ago. That very night I had a dream. I saw myself in a room surrounded with people who were praying very loudly. The faces were all innocent. I could not understand the prayers. I was running be­tween these people then suddenly a very loud voice spoke to me. The voice said: why aren’t you reading the Bible that was given to you? While I heard the voice the words in the book became like a face be­fore my eyes. I exactly saw a nose, the eyes and the lips but they were all words. It is so hard to explain that dream. When I asked; “Who are you?” The voice said; I am that Word. I was so excited that I jumped out of my bed. I shared that amazing dream with my friend who had given me the Bible. I gave my heart to Je­sus because of that visitation. I saw the film of Christ as well and participated in TOC meetings. Praise the Lord! And thank you for your prayers.