Our Work

Touch of Christ Ministries is a Christ-Centered outreach ministry serving the persecuted church and reaching out to Muslims in the Middle East and USA. Their God-given mission has been to minister salvation, physical healing and liberation from bondage to Middle Eastern Muslims; and to disciple new converts in the ways of the Lord. They are uniquely qualified for this task as they speak the languages of the Middle East and have experienced the detriments of Islamic culture firsthand. Through the generosity of America’s Christians, Touch of Christ Ministries has been empowered to move at a glorious untiring pace. They have established a broad network of house church operation in several nations and printing houses to produce Bibles and vital Christian materials. In addition, they have organized evangelistic and material distribution teams; have trained hundreds of spiritual leaders; and have secured safe houses for battered Muslim women and believers who are fleeing from Islamic fanatics. Touch of Christ is a tax-exempt 501-C-3 organization.