About Us

Mina Nevisa and her husband were born into radical Muslim families in Iran. God brought both of them to Christ by unsolicited supernatural visitations. When their families discovered their conversions, they totally rejected them. A nationwide persecution took the lives of some of their dearest companions who had converted from Islam to faith in Christ. They both were forced to flee their homeland by threat of certain torture and death. The Islamic secret police chased them from nation to nation, until God provided them a safe haven and compelled them to found Touch of Christ Ministries.

Their joy is seeing Muslims embrace the Lordship of Jesus Christ and equipped to be bold witnesses of His saving healing power. Their ministry also oversees Bible smuggling operations in numerous Islamic-controlled countries. They accept invitations to churches and conferences throughout Europe and America. Thousands have been thrilled through their ministry and speaking engagements. Mina is frequently interviewed on radio broadcasts in relation to Islamic-Christian issues. Security concerns have restricted televised interviews. They travel extensively nationally and internationally and are available to share with your churches, ministries and conferences. Please email tocministries@gmail.com to schedule a meeting.