Miracle of Miracles

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Miracle of Miracles


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Miracle of Miracles is the biography of the adventurous life of Mina Nevisa.



Miracle of Miracles is the biography of the adventurous life Mina Nevisa. She was born into a family of Islamic fundamentalists. Her life was translated from the ordinary to the extraordinary through a dramatic supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ during her teenage years. That pivotal experience turned members of her family and the Islamic authorities of her nation against her. Over the course of the subsequent twenty-one years Muslim radicals pursued her from nation to nation.  The accounts of God’s miraculous interventions in their lives will thrill and intrigue you.

This book will also educate you about the true nature of Islam. Its addendum, Insights Into The Deceptions of Islam, will lead you on a trek beyond the liberal news media’s politically correct assertions. Islam is nothing akin to a religion that promotes international peace and harmonious respect for those of other faiths. You will discover realities about the life of Muhammad and the societal woes that his teachings have produced in the nations that adhere to them. It challenges Muslim and non-Muslim to objectively examine the tragic fruit that Islam has spawned.

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